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A wonderful Memory

Von fleurbleue Freitag 24.03.2023, 21:17 – geändert Freitag 24.03.2023, 21:21

When I lived in London in 1956, my friends and I sometimes attended concerts at the Royal Albert Hall.

One evening we were really amazed to learn that queen Elizabeth also was expected to attend the concert.
Our cameras were ready for shooting photos since we had the chance to stand nearby waiting for her arrival. -

Even today it is not surprising that the British people still love their queen which could be seen on the TV during the celebration of her 70th coronation day.
And I admit to have fallen in love with her as well when I met her at the Royal Albert Hall.
I was terribly sad too when she died in September 2022.
As I recently read, Prince Charles and his wife Camilla will come to Germany next week, just before they will be crowned in May 2023.
I am sure to follow both events on TV.
Anyway it will be interesting to see what the future of the British Monarchy will look like.

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